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I ran my fingers through your hair
like all the others before
but I could no affections
no I want something more

I traced your tattoos with my fingertips
like I heard once in a song
but I could feel no impression
I think something's wrong

oh that I could see you as they do
a treasure box full of gifts
but all I see from you
are the things that I can get

there is no love between us
what kind of man have I become
if you could see the thoughts in my brain
baby you would run

if the devil is a lion
and Jesus is a lamb
why can’t they lay together
after the trumpet sounds

is there really a lake of fire
where the bad people go
and the worms eat out their brains
and their skin just stays aglow

Goddamn all the wrongs I've done
in my whole life
Goddamn all the things I've tried to do
that did not come out right

forgive me in the morning
for what I will do tonight
forgive me somewhere down the line
just please before I die


from FLESH EATER, released April 14, 2017
Artist Bradley Hathaway
Track Goddamn
Production Jason Morant
Engineering Teddy Morgan
Mastering Richard Dodd
Vocals Bradley Hathaway
Guitar Jason Morant
Broke Fang MMXVII



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Bradley Hathaway Arkansas

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