from by Bradley Hathaway

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she wets her fingers with her lips
and puts them into mine
I see heaven open up
I see my father sigh

there are birds outside
but they do not sing
they sit on the windowsill look inside
watch and wait expectantly
I push myself against her mango thighs
I rub my cheek onto her collarbone
and I cover up her eyes

and I wonder Nathanael
after your soul was laid bare
before you died a martyr’s death
and were caught up into the air
did you ever think of giving up
did you ever just not care

yeah I don't love this woman
but if I wanted to I could
but she would see my heart
and know that I'm no good

we finish making love
and I hold her in my arms
any tenderness or affections I had for her have come and gone
for this reason a man shall leave home
I fall asleep
naked and alone


from FLESH EATER, released April 14, 2017
Artist Bradley Hathaway
Track Nathanael
Production Jason Morant
Engineering Teddy Morgan
Mastering Richard Dodd
Vocals Bradley Hathaway
Percussion Josh Morant & Jason Morant
Broke Fang MMXVII



all rights reserved


Bradley Hathaway Arkansas

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